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Blacksmythe Shop Recreation Building Tractor Shed Tractors & Separators Consession Ropemaking The Dryland Gazette Entrance & Souvenir Shop Antique Car Display Tractor Lot Hauling Washrooms 1904 Spicer School House 1907 Tilney United Church 1914 General Store 1905 Mortlach Store, Doctor's Office, Masonic Lodge, Lancer Theatre and General Displays Harness and Boot Repair Joe's Barber Shop Future Hardware Shop 3-Star Service Station Telephone and Post Office Baildon Municipal Office The Emporium - Toy Shop, Music Store, and Sewing Shop Sukanen Ship "Dontainen" Sukanen Chapel and Grave Baildon Settler Cabin 1906 Grimshaw Homestead Carriage House Baildon Railway Station 1886 Dalrymple Homestead Stationary Engine Display Pump House / Creamery Machine Shed Barn 1909 Farmhouse CPR Caboose Threshing Crew Cook Car Threshing Crew Bunkhouse Outhouses Tractor & Grain Cleaners 1893 Glover Ranch House

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